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Romania to train Greek Special Forces
First Romanian soldiers die in Afghanistan
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Romania to train Greek Special Forces


First Romanian soldiers die in Afghanistan

In a statement quoted by RADIO ROMANIA ACTUALITATI the guest, general Panagiotakis, Head of the Chiefs of Staff of the Greek land forces, said he was impressed by the level of preparation and instruction of Romanian military specifying in this sense that Romanian armed forces do not lack anaything in order to be integrated into the NATO structures.

In his turn the Head of the Chiefs of Staff of the Romanian land forces, general dr. Mihail Popescu said a subunit of the Greek special forces will be trained in Romania this year. At the same time, a subunit of the Romanian Mountain Hunters will train with their Greek counterparts in that countries during the same period.

Shot in the back, by a sniper

In the 14th of November, 2003, a Romanian armour patrol was exetuing a mission in the area of Spin Puldac, just a few kilometers away of Pakistan.
As the Romanian convoy was passing thru, a sniper shot one of the Romanian soldiers in the back and in the neck. Another one was quickly gunned down in a matter of seconds.
The shots came from an Afghani checkpoint just 7 meters away, and the attackers wear military uniforms.
Sgt-major Iosif Silviu Fogorasi was killed on spot. Sgt-major Mihai Anton Samuila survived for three more days. The Romanian convoy, composed of 8 TABC-79 Romanian-made armoured scouting vehicles, stopped and opened fire against the attackers. The chief of staff of the Afghani Armed Forces, general Said Mohammad stated the next day that there was only one sniper, and that the Romanians opened fire and killed him penis enlargement tips soon after he made his first shots.
That same day, the 12th of november, the Taliban have revendicated the attack, stating that all the Allied soldiers in Afghanistan will meet the same fate and that the large numbers of American and Romanian troops stationed there will leave home in body bags.
Despite the fact that a large search and destroy operation to hunt the attackers was launched, more than 200 American soldiers came to Kandahar Air Field to present their honour to the deceased Romanian soldiers, as they were embarked onboard a Romanian Air Force C-130 Hercules aircraft, on route to Karachi, Pakistan, and then Bucharest, Romania.
The American soldiers also gathered more than 4,000 $ and donated the money to the families of the two soldiers.
The U.S. President, George W. Bush also sent a written message to the families, in the 14th of november, expressing his deep and profound regret about the events and assuring the two families of his full support and understanding.
The American soldiers stationed in Kandahar came to the Romanian battalion's barracks and assured the Romanian soldiers and reporters present there that they (US soldiers) will personally hunt down the attackers.
A ceremonial was also organized in Oradea International Airport, the native city of both soldiers.
And so, everybody had expected casualties, as Romania sends thousands and thousands of troops abroad, in support of EU, NATO and UN operations, but when those casualties came, it was still a shock to everybody.
However, Romania's determination to continue playing its major role in the war on terror, as well as its large military contributions to it, had convinced the United States and the Allies that Romania is a trusted ally that will never fade away.

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