Romania's Special Operations Forces

elite units and branches of the armed forces, police, paramilitary and secret services

Cercetasi Veterans of NATO covert ops in difft. conflict areas Cercetasi Winners of international NATO and PfP exercises Scafandri holders of world diving records & the best divers in& around the Black Sea

Never seen before, the men of the shadows are finally unveiled

Ministry of Administration and Interior



DIAS[Police rapid intervention (local)]

SPIR[Police rapid intervention (Bucharest)]

Nuclear Unit[NBC Intervention]

SIIAS[Police Special Forces]

GSPI Acvila[ Ministry of Interior CT/special police/VIP protection ] - disbanded


Brigada Speciala a Jandarmeriei

Batalionul 1 Anti-terorist[ anti-terrorist force ]

Batalionul 2 Interventii Speciale[ Gendarmerie Special Forces ]

Border Police

SASI[ rapid intervention force ]


Secret Services


Brigada Anti-Tero a SRI[national AT/CT authority]

SPP's SIAT[Presidential Protection]

Grupul anti-tero al SIE[Foreign Intelligence CT detachment]


Armed Forces


Ground forces

Vanatorii de Munte[Mountain Hunters]


Brigada 6 Operatii Speciale "Mihai Viteazul"

Batalionul 610 Operatii Speciale "Vulturii"[Special Forces]



GNFOS[Combat Divers (SEAL)]


Infanteria Marina[Marine battalion]

Air Force

Detasamentul Cautare-Salvare in Lupta[CSAR detachment]

Military Intelligence

Batalionul HUMINT[HUMINT battalion]

DSPI[Rapid Intervention Detachment]

General Chief of Staff

Sectia Actiuni Psihologice[PSY OPS]

Who are the Romanian Special Forces?

  • National, Balkan, European, World and Olympic martial arts champions in a large variety of styles
  • Top places in various international mountain competitions, as well as in NATO/PfP special operations exercises across the years
  • Deployed anywhere in the world within 72 hours, for any type of mission required
  • Graduates of foreign US Navy SEAL, Green Berets, Delta Force, Marine Force Recon and SAS selection courses and training sessions
  • Secret Services fighters are graduates of US Secret Service's Training School, while some of the US agents are graduates of the Romanian course

RoSOF World class professionals well trained & equipped RoSOF participants in many top secret special operations RoSOF advisers and instructors of other nations' special operations and CT forces